Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nurse Mom

I'm not sure if I should put a quarantine sign on my front door OR if I should just run out in the street in hot pursuit of my sanity... or BOTH! My son started getting sick about 6 weeks ago, and we'd been riding that almost-bronchitis roller coaster. Finally it hit the fan last week and we ended up in the ER.... now THAT one happy place, isn't it? And where are the hot doctors? Where are the eager interns? Not at our hospital, that's for sure, and believe me, I was looking (nothing else to do for the hours and hours we were stuck back there!). Then they admitted him overnight to pump him full of stuff.

We get over that hump (at least I'm hoping at this point!) and then my daughter starts with the sickness on Sunday. The child who missed one day all last year has been enjoying a three-day vacation from the throes of sixth grade (I don't even remember sixth grade, but I'm sure it was a blast!). And yes, the 11-year-old drama queen has moved her theatrics into high gear, and I expect she will receive an Oscar in the category, "Best Effort in Whining," pre-teen category. Then again, this is the girl that thinks split ends could pose a true risk to her physical well-being.

While I don't know if I am coming or going, I'd gladly take on their sickness. Their suffering is my suffering (in more than one way!). Time to run to Target to hang out in the medicine aisle for a while. commiserating with other sick-kid-weary moms. 

Flu, flu go away.... don't bother coming back.... EVER!

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Jan said...

LOLOLOL! I know having sick kiddos at home is no fun but I can tell you from experience - when they're sick, it's the end of the world - when you're sick, it's whose gonna cook dinner!