Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Where's the Beef?

Hello Friends,

Since the last time I have written, a big change has come into my life -- I've gone meatless! Why? Lots of reasons, I suppose, all of them related to health. I've watched my cholesterol numbers and my weight creep up steadily over the last few years. And what creeps up, doesn't always creep back down! Aug. 3 was my last glorious meat-filled day, and on that day I had a burger from Five Guys and a questionable hot dog at the Blake Shelton concert, so I guess you could say I went out in style, but if you told me I would make it almost 40 days, I would have never believed it. I know the weight is coming off, because I run the risk of my pants falling down to my ankles on a regular basis. Not sure about the cholesterol, but let's operate under the assumption that it is (no one wants to see a grown woman cry, do they?).

Honestly, it hasn't been that bad. I find it hitting me at the oddest of times ... and these times red flag all my bad kitchen munching habits. For example, when I make my daughter's daily salami sandwich, I usually had a piece for myself. Now, if you had asked me if I regularly did that, I couldn't have told you. With the ease of which my hand goes from the salami package to my big mouth, I'd say it has been a pretty regular occurrence. When I made tacos for dinner last night, I was about one inch away from putting some of the taco meat on my tongue, but I caught myself at the last minute. Darn you taco gods for tempting me like that! For exposing all my weaknesses!

I've also switched out my 2 percent milk for almond milk. Now, that was a little tricky because almonds aren't my favorite nut, but I toughed it out and have finally made my way across the cow juice bridge. But just how do you milk an almond, anyway? LOL. My plan is to make other healthy changes, slowly but surely.

My dried green beans (healthy snacking to the MAX!!!) have been sitting in the box they came shipped in. For a week. I can say I am scared of them! Dried green beans? What was I thinking? I wasn't. How about this. I will promise my readers that I will try them tomorrow. If I write it, I have to do it, that's my motto! No backing out now.

Anyway, good to be back online. Happy and healthy eating to all of you! Oh, what the heck, have a cheeseburger and make it a double!!!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Music to My Ears

Hello Friends!

It's a funny thing when people ask you what kind of music you like to listen to. If you are like me, and you like a lot of different kinds of songs and musical styles, you have a quick twinge of panic because you know a few of those songs on your iPod are Embarassing... yes, that's with a capital E! Then if you think about it, why SHOULD you be embarrassed by it? You like the music, you downloaded it, you listen to it. OWN IT! BE PROUD! It's just not that simple though, is it?

Let's take my song list for example. I have song(s) by Nicki Minaj, Billy Joel, Dolly Parton, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green, Bon Jovi, George Michael, Eminem, Kid Rock, Katy Perry, and on and on and on. The two songs I have listened to the most lately are by Crosby, Stills and Nash and then Owl City (BUT, to be fair, the Owl City song is from the Wreck it Ralph soundtrack, ha ha). While I can come clean here, in a sort of playlist rehab, I can't help but wonder what is wrong with me! This can't be normal, can it? But if it's not normal, do I even want to be normal if I enjoy it? NO SIR!!!

When I listen to my songs while I am in the shower, I can practically hear my daughter's eyes roll through the wall (so sometimes I turn it up extra loud for effect). But if she can't appreciate The Midnight Train to Georgia there's a whole lot wrong in this house! Okay, and there's a little payback for the years of Jonas Brothers and the Cheetah Girls, I cannot tell a lie....

And don't get me started on my son's views of my music. He's "Mr. Indie Music." That doesn't mean Indianapolis (like I thought at one time!!), it means independent.... small-label artists .... not mainstream... kind of unique. Basically, if it is on the top charts and played on the radio with any regularity, it would never be considered indie. My music is NOT indie (as I am so regularly told) therefore it has no true value and stinks worse than a rotten potato behind a blue bookcase (don't ask how I know this). Problem is, I am the fool that falls into his traps, arguing in defense of my music, like I have a personal stake in it. I can't help it!!! And when I hear him listening to a non-indie song? Game on!!! I am all over that like white on rice.

I suppose we spend a large part of our lies defending things (and people) we care about, why would our music be immune?

So excuse me while I plug in my earbuds and enjoy the sweet stylings of Rick Springfield!

Enjoy your day!


Monday, January 28, 2013

Finally Back in the Blogging Door!

Hello friends,

In some cruel attempt to drive me even crazier than life already has done lately, I had been unable to sign into my blog! I was trying to sneak through the cyber-mail slot, but I didn't want to get stuck so I sat in the corner and pouted. And pouted. And pouted. This is my main writing outlet, on a regular basis anyway. Not being able to log in had me all out of sorts and on something equivalent to a lllllooooonnnnngggg bout of PMS. On a whim, feeling as if nothing was to lose but everything to gain, I tried logging in -- the heavens opened! Trumpets blared! Blogdom was laughing in my face saying, "We just wanted to know we mattered! We wanted to see how much you cared!" I care I care!

In the last few months, starved for blog affection, I was resigned to working on one of three books I am sure is going to rocket me to writing stardom. Problem is, writing a book isn't always the fun project you think it will be, trying to keep track of who, what, when, where and why.... thumbing through my cheat sheets making sure the names and stories make sense. You know, most writers won't let it slide if you tell them Pat is a middle-aged man only to let it slip later that "he" is an 20-something woman. I've recently come to love and appreciate the simplicity of having one person stranded on a tropical island. I'm even willing to do the research of life alone in paradise!!!

Another fun outlet for me was reviewing restaurants, hotels and attractions via a consumer trip website. It's purely voluntary (which means ain't nobody showing me the money), but I had way too much fun doing it. This frustrated writer got surprisingly excited, and into too much detail, about a local fast-food drive in, casino buffet and family waterpark resort. If they don't get the information they need, I assure you they will get a good laugh at my take on things. Who doesn't need a reason to smile.

Oh, and let's not forget the notes left to loved ones throughout the house. My son told me a simple, "Here's $30 to buy the book" would have sufficed over the lengthy prose I actually left. He's not a writer, he can't understand. I told him me without my blog is like a snowboarder without snow, a dog without a bone or a Kardashian without paparazzi. Or, in his case, a pizza without pepperoni. He did get that last one.....

Anyway, it feels good to be back, so excuse me while I look for my sanity. Got so much to say ... be prepared for a daily break away from it all.... stop back often... I won't let you down! :)

Enjoy the day,