Monday, February 28, 2011

My Bucket List (or lack thereof)

For whatever reason, I have decided it's time to make a bucket list... you know, the "list" of things you want to do or experience before you KICK the bucket. I have avoided it to this point in my life (the ripe OLD age... and I DO mean old.... of 43), but as I inch closer to that bucket, now is the time. Problem is, I can only think of one thing for my bucket list.... have an appletini. Now how lame is that? One thing on my list! Sure, I'd love to see the Eiffel tower in person, sun my buns on a beach with George Clooney, own a red VW Beetle convertible or win a slot machine jackpot, but I am the queen of practicality above all else... so, since I am not wealthy enough, model-y enough, cool enough (in that order) or lucky enough, I have resigned to the one thing that has been nesting in the back of my mind for years — enjoy an appletini.

I've thought on this for days now, figuring I would come up with some other things for my Boring-Old-Busted-Up-Put-You-To-Sleep-In-A-Second Bucket List, but I can't. What scares me most about that is my fear of some higher power (God, the man upstairs, the big kahuna... whatever you believe in) witnessing me having that appletini and then striking me with a lightning bolt or running me over with an 18-wheeler. You know, "OK. She's good. Her bucket list is complete. Mission accomplished, now remove her from her earthly home." Does it work that way with bucket lists? No one knows for sure, but do we want to take a chance? NOPE... no way!!!!! That leads me to the chore of coming up with AT LEAST 49 other LONG-TERM bucket list items — you know, the kind that can't be over with in like TWO SECONDS (example, drinking an appletini). Can you put "make up a bucket list" on your bucket list? Probably not. Too bad, too, because at the rate I am going with it, that one alone would keep me alive for a good 50 more years.

Back to the drawing board.... hope your day is bucket (and lightning) free.... wish me luck!