Monday, February 9, 2009

Laundry: The Real Mystery

There are many mysteries in life, one of which is laundry. Of all the laundry-related issues I could blog about (and oh boy, aren't you excited at that prospect!), the most amazing to me is the multiplying powers of dirty clothes. The hamper starts the day empty, ah, what a sight! An hour or two later, there are a few socks, a pair of underwear and then a t-shirt. Somehow, magically and mysteriously, these few manageable items tell two friends and they tell two friends and they tell two friends (you get the picture) and VOILA.... we've got a full load. But seriously, how does that happen? During the day, for the most part, it is me, the dog, parakeet and hamster. And even if you have never owned one of those pets, you can probably guess that they don't exactly spend a lot of time picking out their clothes. So what is it? 

I was thinking of putting a video camera on the hamper for a day.... maybe uncovering the evil spirits that haunt my hamper... maybe I'd catch a glimpse of the culprit. Then I realize that it's NOT a great idea to put a video camera in the bathroom (people are weird about that sort of thing). So, other than camping out on the toilet (come on, lid down, not actually GOING..... you didn't really think I'd do THAT, did you?) and keeping my eyes peeled, I am not coming up with much. And as interesting as the idea is to spend an entire day in the bathroom staring at the hamper, I think I'll pass and resolve myself to a life of laundry residing permanently on the daily to-do list. 

Don't even get me STARTED on the mystery of the disappearing socks. My hunches tell me it's the same force in action. But will I EVER truly know? Maybe, maybe not.... won't stop me from remaining hopeful.....

Gotta get back to the dryer.... we have a standing date after dinner.... oh, rapture!



Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

LOL! If I don't do laundry EVERY DAY, it almost kills me! My three little boys and my big boy (hubby) wear more outfits in a day then I probably wear in a week, and I am not kidding! It is really ridiculous the amount of clothes they go through. I have gone on strike more than once-letting it pile up, crazy and out of control. In the end, the only person that hurts is moi! My seven year old told me the last time I went on strike, "I don't care mom. I'll just wear dirty clothes and everyone will think we're hillbilly's!" Nice, huh?

Jan said...

I'm always behind on the laundry and there is only 3 of us!