Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

When you are a freelance writer/editor like I am, the work comes in bunches.... or it doesn't come at all. Doesn't seem like there are many in-betweens. Right now, I am living smack dab in the middle of the fast lane (and getting run over by traffic!). Can't complain, especially in this economy (but the work is seriously cutting into my afternoon nap time, and without an afternoon nap I am CUH-RAB-BEE!!). 

The worst side effect of the busy-ness is that it totally squashes my sense of humor! Can you believe that? My funny bone feels like it is in a sling, hanging on by a thread to the transplant waiting list (you live in the same world I do, so surely you've noticed funny bones are in short supply). Sometimes I start feeling a little giddy, but I think that is just the delirium talking. I will try to pick myself up by the bootstraps (what are bootstraps? I've had quite a few pair of boots through the years, but I don't really recall the straps) and jump start that small part of my brain where my sense of humor resides (amidst the cobwebs and useless memories like my poor clothing choices in grade school.... blue argyle socks do not go with red plaid skirts... note to self). 

This, too, shall pass. Then again, maybe I don't want it to.... me likey money!

Have a great "rest of the week" ...



Jan said...

Me likey money too! LOL. Hope things calm down for you soon - or at least come in a steady and lucrative stream. said...

You have skillz girl! Love reading!....keep it up!