Friday, January 30, 2009

My 50th Entry

Well, what have we here... my 50th blog entry! I had no idea. I signed on with the intentions of blogging off the top of my head today (washed my hair this morning, so we're good) then saw that I had 49 entries, prior to this one. WOW! It's hard to believe. It's been so much fun. And if it wasn't for some serious computer issues over the last month or so (RIP Mac PowerBook G4, 2004-2009, aka the SECRET KEEPER), I would have had a lot more. I am a die-hard Apple girl, and these PC's just throw me for a loop... I can't find anything. Needless to say, it's lowered my already non-existent productivity level.

The good news is that one day next week my customized MacBook should arrive. I would sit and stare out the door 24/7 and wait for its arrival , but now with all this fancy tracking business, I don't have to! I can track it's every move across this great land of ours. There's something about ordering a computer online that makes me uncomfortable, but heck, it has to get to the store somehow, right, so what's the difference? And yes, I was very careful to ask, "They won't just leave it on the porch if we're not home, will they?" The guy thought I was nuts (I get that a lot), but what do I know? Once I had the USPS deliver an empty, damaged Priority Mail box EMPTY, with a note that stated, "Sorry about the damage. We hope this doesn't cause you any inconvenience." Hmmm. Let's see. INCONVENIENCE? I ordered something, the sender put it in the box, you guys damaged the box and the item fell out. You sealed up the box, and then slapped a "we're sorry" note to it. I received a smashed, empty USPS box. Where would the inconvenience be? Just think of the hours of fun that box provided!!!!! (yes, that was written with about fourteen tons of sarcasm attached).

The funny thing is, I did get an e-mail that the Microsoft Office software I ordered to go with it HAS shipped. In a world where companies should be looking to cut back costs, here is one that is shipping me the software before I even have the computer. Great, one more thing to keep track of (you really would be surprised at the things I lose... I shock even myself sometimes).

It is fun to have something to look forward to getting in the mail (and since payment is not due until the end of March, more time for that money tree to sproud in the backyard).

Have a great weekend .... talk to you all soon!


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Jan said...

Congrats on your 50th post, Cindy! I truly enjoy reading your ramblings! LOL. Here's to another 50!
Oh and have fun tracking your new Mac! LOL.