Saturday, August 21, 2010

Here We Go Again

Hello Friends (all 13 of you!),

My sincerest apologies to each and everyone of you reading this .... contrary to what it might seem, I was not abducted by aliens or locked away in a convent. I strayed from my devotion to blogdom, but I am 99 percent sure THIS TIME I am here to stay. Thanks for sticking around. I hope that more will follow soon.... shouldn't all your friends (who am I kidding... I'll take your enemies, too) be allowed to benefit from my sarcastic (and sometimes) side-splitting look at life and all it throws at us?

So much has happened in the year since I've last written.... some of it good, some of it bad, but obviously it wasn't THAT bad because I am still alive and kickin' these keystrokes across the keyboard.

Let's see, what's what lately .... my son starts college officially on Monday. He's at a university 15 minutes away but still living on campus. It's a very odd dynamic so far, especially since he's adopted a Mr. Independent attitude (aka Mr. Not Returning Mom's Texts). So much to blog about on this topic alone! My daughter started eighth grade yesterday with a three-hour day. Make note of the date, August 20, 2010, because it was the WORST day of her life (and that is a direct quote). All it takes is an overcrowded school bus and a wishy-washy dress code (oh, much, much, MUCH more to blog about on this). The latter of her "bad day" issues found me on the phone with the superintendent. Suffice it to say, there is no consensus as to the definition of a crew neck. For fun, feel free to Google the phrase "what exactly is a crew neck shirt" (like I did) and let the confusion take hold. If you feel you have a good grasp on what a crew neck is, you probably won't want to do this because you won't know what one is when you get done. Since I wasn't expecting such a downer report, my initial response was, "It can only get better from here on out, right?" Even as I said it, I knew how ridiculous it sounded. Looks like my PASS (Parental Automatic Support System) is out of whack. Thankfully, a quick save was not far behind... "Wanna do lunch?" She's easily bought off... WHEW!

Anyway... thank you to those that stuck with me, hope to "see" you all around in the days to come. Lots to share....



Dawn said...

Hi Cindy! I don't show up as a follower only because I use Google Reader but I am one none the less. It was good to see that I had a post to read from you. You have a way with telling stories and you can be sure of getting a chuckle from me. Great to have you back! Dawn

CJ said...

Hi Dawn! Thanks for dropping me a note. I love blogging here, but you never know who's reading. Nice to hear from someone!!! I hope you keep reading.. I'll keep writing! I've been working on my book so that's eaten a bit of my blogging time, but I'll be around!