Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cold Feet (and Legs)--A Foolish Fashionista?

Brrrrr. First of all, let me say that I am so thankful this time of year that I have an attached garage. It's 11 degrees outside, on its way to a balmy 25. One weatherman told me to be thankful we are reaching the 20's, so here's a big shout-out to Mother Nature.... THANK YOU SO MUCH! **yeah, right**

As I was taking my son to school, I passed the corner where the kids wait for the high school bus. I did a double take (or was it triple take???) at a sight that just froze me in my tracks. One of the teen girls was standing there, waiting for the bus, in a short jeans miniskirt and nothing on her legs. Just in reflex I turned up the heat in my car, as chills shot quickly up and down both of MY legs. I was thinking, "How could her mother let her leave the house like that?" Then I realized who her mother was, and her mother doesn't "do" 7 a.m., or 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. (you get the picture, right?), so she could walk out wearing pretty much anything (and she has). Mind you, the bus stop is about 4 blocks from her house, and the bus is often late. 

So that brings me to my thought for the day .... has the desire to be fashionable overtaken our common sense??? I hate being cold. Period. End of story. I'd rather look like a mismatched chubby Eskimo waiting for the bus than a cool (literally), hip fashionista. Think about it.... you're waiting for a giant yellow bus. It's not a private jet to Miami! 

Wait, what's wrong with me? I am trying to understand the mind of a teenager!!!!!!!! I live with one and will be living with another in 549 days. As you may know, teen girls also wear sweatpants with words like "hottie" and "bootylicious" on their backsides. Now that, I would never do (though I would have enough room for a short story back there if I did!).

Time to go turn the heat up.... stay warm y'all!



Stampin' the Good Life said...

Oh wow, I grew up in Chicago... many, many memories of chilly mornings like this! For me, warmth beats fashion any day (well, almost any day!). Thankfully, it doesn't get THAT cold where we are now. :)

Jan said...

Teenagers! It's 60 degrees here and I'm in sweats - what does that tell ya? LOL.

ScrappinGalz said...

LOL this post made me laugh. I have a 12yo DD and she hates coats and hats. Now mind you it could be 20 out and if I let her she would never put on a coat or hat.

Loretta Rodger said...

I agree, what ever happened to common sense? My husband and I take turns so that one of us is up when the youngest (son) goes to school. We have standards and enforce them. Who's in charge, the parent or the kid?

Just my 2 cents

Pat (mspfd) said...

LOL, entertaining post!

Louise, that's me!! said...

A short story, mine would would have a trilogy.

Cheryl Walker said...

How funny...LOL my kids dont like the cold so they bundle up and they are 12 15 and 18 we are from california, so it was alot warmer there even in the winter...LOL Anyways that was a funny story about the double take,and triple one tooo,,,:)


cards by cara said...

I'm all about staying warm but I remain adamant that you can still look good while being warm. A funky jackey, a cool fuzzy scarf and some rockin' boots keep you the fashionista while still avoiding hypothermia, right?!