Friday, December 5, 2008

Where is My Dryer Guy? (and Blog Candy winner!)

My dryer quit heating on Monday. It's Friday morning and here I sit and wait for the dryer guy. Usually you get a time frame on this kind of thing (you know, the ol' "between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m."), but I didn't even get that. I got the "you'll be our first appointment." It's 9:34 a.m. How late do these guys sleep? 

Because I have caught myself in some pretty ridiculous situations (having a computer guy come out when the power strip wasn't turned on), I once again turned to Google and Googled, "My dryer won't heat--can I fix this myself and not have to call in a repairman which will probably be so expensive that it will require me to request a federal bailout?" All right, I exaggerate a slight bit, but I did Google it. I found a GREAT site, one where the "common man" can explore his own home repair  issues. WHAT????? I don't have a degree from MIT! Repairs ANYONE can do? ANYONE????? Anyone but ME apparently. 

I'll just be glad to have the money pit fixed (I had to have the dryer's seal repaired two years ago, almost to the day). I am not enjoying lugging wet laundry to my mom's to dry, especially when her Internet is down more than half the time. What's a girl to do to pass time? Last time I did BORROW (fine ... steal) her pasta maker to flatten some clay and make my own buttons for cards, so it wasn't a total loss. The box actually said "pasta maker for clay." That confused me. Is it a pasta maker if it's for clay? Do any of you regularly put marinara on clay noodles? 

Anyway, I think too much. Nothing else to do, it's only 9 degrees outside. 

And... now for the big news... the winner of my first-ever blog candy was No. 5, Jan. So, Jan, Get me your address and I'll send you out a nice grab bag of Primas!

Have a great weekend (hopefully I'll be enjoying dry clothes!!!),



Jan said...

We'll be there between 9-5. Don't you just hate that! I have spent countless hours waiting for a repairman only to have them charge me an arm and a leg. Hope your clothes will be tumbling around in your very own dryer very soon.

BTW, I'll send you my addy.

stampin abi said...

you crack me up. ( but i hate it when the dryer doesn't work too!) and waiting in all day for a repair man or in my case the dhl man is a nightmare.