Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Lucky (hate me for other reasons!)

LOL, so true. I mean, how can you hate me before you even know me? At least give me the chance to earn it! Yesterday was my LUCKY day. At my daughter's gymnastics meet I won not one but TWO (count them TWO) awesome gift baskets! The one was a Clinique basket filled with $250 in  Clinique products. In my estimation, $250 at least!!!!! Then I won another one that was for general pampering/bath products. You can see the Clinique one here. But oh, the HATERS! You know the dirty looks... looks that say, "How dare you win two, you selfish tart!" (Yeah, tart is an odd word choice, but I just felt like using it in a way other than being associated with Sweet or Pop). But come on. For one, look at me! I need the beauty products, so consider it a beauty bailout. Two, do you know how many times I have NOT won and walked out empty handed from an event? It's somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,253,849 (but that's just a rough estimate, of course). Three, it's not so much that I was a BIG winner, focus on the real issue here, you were a LOSER (LOL.... sort of). I mean, it's about perspective, right?

On another note, I have never felt that I should ever spend the bucks that the Clinique lifestyle requires. This is a great time for me to see what I've been missing. Let me tell you, cleaning and properly moisturizing is VERY time consuming!! I now have a new respect for the beautiful and well-makeup-ed people in this world. And twice a day? Are you kidding me? My typical nighttime beauty regimen consists of.... uh..... well..... just going to bed, I guess. Now it's soap and clarifier and lotion. And the lotion looks like something I should be eating! Don't worry, I (probably) won't. 

Anyway, the lesson is this..... don't hate me for being lucky .... get to know me first! :)

Enjoy your week!



Jan said...

You lucky duck! LOL Cindy, your nighttime regimen sounds a lot like mine. Congratulations on the big win. Now go and enjoy your goodies!

Kelly said...

So lucky! I never win things like that... but I do love my Clinique! I just spent $50 on Clinique yesterday!

Peg said...

You are the funniest blogger I've read in a long time!