Saturday, December 6, 2008

She's Watching!!!!

Hello again. I have to behave myself here now. My Aunt Judy just signed on as a follower! Hi Aunt Judy! She is apparently the only smart one on my mom's side of the family.... she had the common sense to move to Arizona a few years back. Meanwhile, the rest of us sit here and FREEZE. Seriously, I have not stopped complaining of how cold it is, yet I refuse to wear socks. Gloves, yes. Scarf, yes. Socks, no. What's wrong with this picture? The dumbest part of all is that I had my Cubs Crocs on to shovel snow. No socks. My feet were freezing so I came INSIDE and put socks on. I know, I know... what a rebel!

On another note, tomorrow my daughter has her second gymnastics meet of the season. Her coach calls the night before to check on them and reminds them to go to bed early. So what, you ask, is she doing RIGHT NOW to prepare? Carb loading? Stretching? Neatly laying out her leo and warmup (OK, not a chance on that one... that was my wishful thinking)? Nope, nope and nope. She is watching gymnastics bloopers you YouTube. WHY???? Girls are knocking their heads on the beam, falling flat on their faces, flipping off mats, etc. This can't be good, right? Shouldn't she be watching Olympic masterpieces? Geez. What is the draw of watching total failure? I know, it is kind of fun, but it's probably not the best meet preparation. What do I know? I get dizzy on a carousel. And coordination? You've seen bobble head dolls, right? I'm like a BOBBLE BODY. Just flippin' and floppin' with no sense of direction. Apparently coordination skips a generation. wait, my mom isn't coordinated either. Make that TWO generations. OR... is it a defective gene? Yeah, that's it. 

All right. My feet are cold. Where did I put those socks? Gotta go. Happy Sunday!



thescrapmaster said...

LOL you might need to put on some socks!

Good luck to your daughter, I hope she kicks major butt.

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Juane said...

No need to behave. The roots of your lack of coordination go deep. I am the QUEEN! You and your mother are mere pretenders to the throne.