Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How Many Tumbles?

How many tumbles through the dryer does it take before you realize your dryer is broken? For the normal person, probably one. For me (not normal, apparently), about three. Again, that is embarrassing, but I just figured maybe I didn't press the button right or didn't have it set right or maybe the outside (cold) air was sneaking in (a stretch I realize). Finally I decided to stay down in the basement, let it get going good, be sure I had it all set right, and then check it after ten minutes. Yep, no heat. What's weird is EVERY December that I can remember in this house I've had an appliance go out. Last year it was the water heater. The year before it was the dryer with a different issue. Before that it was the fridge and before that the stove. What's that all about? Is my house feeling left out at the holidays and wanting a little TLC from a repairman? 

Naturally I had a load of clothes that needed to be dried so I went to my mom's house to do that. We got to talking about my son's Christmas wish list which amounts to about three things. Then it hit me.... how about getting him a DRYER for Christmas? Great, idea right? (Of course I think so!). My mom said, "Oh, he'd love that!" I told her that one day of wearing wet jeans in 20 degree weather, and he'd be more than happy to get a dryer for Christmas!!! 

Once I got beyond that idea, figuring when (or should I say if... I've got the drawings all done to turn his room into a crafter's paradise) he moves out, he'd take it with him anyway then I'd be dryerless, I knew I had to come up with a Plan B. A family friend had a good recommendation for a repairman. I made the call, now I wait for a call back. I'll admit it's kind of nice knowing I have a built-in excuse not to do laundry, and who wouldn't want that!? Then again, I will pay for it later when Mt. Dirty Clothes takes over the basement. 

I only hope there isn't a laundromat in my future! That I can do without! 

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Jan said...

I hate when that happens! My dryer is fairly new but my water heater and fridge could go out any day now. I just hope and pray they'll last through the winter.

Patti said...

Must be the day for broken appliances - my furnace gave up the ghost tonight. Ugh. I probably would have tried three cycles on the dryer too, just hoping it would start working again.