Sunday, December 14, 2008

The NOT TO DO List

Finally! A "to do" list I can relate to. While killing some time between volleyball matches Sunday, I came across a story on making a "not to do" list! YES!!! I think it was in a Martha Stewart publication. Now, don't get me started on ol' Martha. She is a genius when it comes to making money and has some cool products at our favorite craft stores. BUT, let's NOT forget she is a former jailbird (can you just picture her cell??), so we can't quite saint her yet. But anyone willing to publish the advantages of putting together a "not to do list" is all right in my book. Since I read it, I have been obsessing with the entries in my "not to do list." Here are a few of my ideas:

1.) NOT to overexert myself during my fitness routine (easy one .... since I don't have a fitness routine)
2.) NOT to get pulled over for speeding (there are four cops for every resident of my town, so speeding is not really a good idea to begin with)
3.) NOT to drink 44 oz. of Diet Coke each day, like clockwork (but please excuse me if I do... it's my only vice! I don't want to turn to become a Red Bull junkie after all)
4.) NOT to let my monthly 30 percent off monthly Archiver's coupon go to waste (I've heard you can go to jail for this)
5.) NOT to allow any more pets in this house (dog, parakeet, hamster.... I am NEVER alone!)
6.) NOT to paint a room in this house EVER again (why? just ask my back, my neck and my left shin.... what's up with the shin? I don't know. It's been hurting ever since I painted Brooke's room so I've written it off as a mystery painting injury)
7.) NOT to make more money than I can spend (LOL... now that's hilarious!!!!! This could never happen. I just put it in there for fun.)
8.) NOT to overuse my stove (have you seen all the restaurants and food places that are going out of business? I am going to do my part to keep them from closing!)
9.) NOT to let 2009 go by without getting a car with heated seats (my butt deserves the best)
AND.... the obvious...
10.) NOT to make any more "to do" lists (you knew this one was coming, didn't you? If you didn't YOU SHOULD HAVE!)

So, there you have it. I'm kicking off a new tradition... the "not to do" list phase of my life. Dont' ya love it?



Stampin' the Good Life said...

Oh, absolutely love it! I've gotta make one of these lists, too...

Jan said...

LOL Cindy! I love your "not to do" list! I just might have to make me a not to do list too.

Louise, that's me!! said...

Very cool list! i love the more money one.. too funny.

stampin abi said...

love your list, might have to have a go too!

Dragana said...

This is great. Is this just so you know in which order to break promises to yourself?!?!?

leslie said...

Oh, do I need one of THESE!

(Found you through SCS...)