Monday, December 1, 2008

Icy, Stupid!

Well, well, well. What have we here? ICE, that's what! It's times like this when I really question the human mind. See, yesterday it rained lightly, then it snowed lightly. Then it did a mix late last night and during the night. So what do you expect the roads, sidewalks and driveways to be like? ICY!!!!!!! I don't get it at all (meaning, watching people, slip, fall, slide through stop signs and hit light poles).

My theory is this.... we have the Winter Storm Warnings, Tornado Watches, Wind Advisories and so on and so on. My thinking is that we should have an "ICY, STUPID" warning. The weatherman would go on the TV, tell us is rained and then it froze and that "It's icy, stupid." I mean, what more does he really need to say? You can take that information and be a smart driver or walker (hopefully not a bike rider, though) and be safe around the rest of us out there.... walk in the grass, walk carefully, brake early and drive slower... because it's ICY, STUPID! (I am going to ignore the fact that both of my OWN kids needed to be reminded... ahh, the ignorance of youth!)

Everyone out there today was acting totally caught off guard by the ice. Makes no sense to me at all, so yes, I am pretty wound up today about this. 

I haven't fell or even slipped, but I am about to walk the dog, and let's hope it stays that way. Yeah, only a DOG would want to go out for a walk in this. Too bad there's not a Dunkin' Donuts on the way... that hot chocolate would sure hit the spot. Heaven forbid I make my own (I mean, isn't that why we were given Dunkin' Donuts in the first place? It's the best hot chocolate in the world. You HAVE TO try it if you have never had it).

Anyway, I'm off. Tomorrow I will offer my first ever shot for anyone who comments to win BLOG CANDY, so be sure to stop by on Tuesday, too, to leave a comment about the topic. 

But, most of all, if you live in northern Illinois, or areas surrounding... it's ICY STUPID! :)



stampin abi said...

lol, the whole of the UK comes to a stand still when it snows or is icy it's unbelievable and tomorrow it's going to be icy!! so there will be cars abandoned on our estate and everyone will be late not forgetting the daft person who "didn't think it would be slippery" when they drove to fast thus going into the back of the careful drivers! I just love winter:)

Louise, that's me!! said...

You just totally crack me up.
Just so you know... it's a gorgeous day here, sun is shining, birds are singing and possibly a swim this afternoon.

Jan said...

I lived near Kankakee for about a year and absolutely hated to drive on the roads when the weather was bad. Cars would be passing me like I was sitting still. The first time I saw a card turned upside down on the freeway I was in total disbelief. And then another mile down the road there would be another one, and another one. You would think that after awhile they would get the hint!

Dragana Skoro said...

I live in a rain forest, so when we do get some snow and cold weather, no one goes to work, schools are closed and public transit halted. We know better than to walk, or worse yet drive in a weather like that. :-)

Bizzy Bee Creates said...

I have a CO-WORKER that this phrase suits perfectly!! It's Icy Stupid!! TFS