Friday, December 26, 2008


Hello everyone. Glad to be back blogging. First, I was sick for three days then we had an ice storm that more than put a damper on things. But the good news.. Christmas is over! Don't brand me a Scrooge, but it is just go, go, go, go.... I'm glad to catch my breath for a second!! Never mind that no one told my kids' coaches that it was the holiday season.... one or the other of them has a tourney/meet every weekend through the holidays. Oh, well! Keeps me out of trouble (and gives me more freedom to deserve a hot chocolate from Dunkin' Donuts). 

How was your Christmas? Great, here. I got some really cool papercrafting toys that I am having fun playing with. If your Christmas was anything like mine, you probably have a few good stories. Here's one of mine. I was opening presents with the kids, at my mom's house. I pick up one of mine, from her, to open, and she says, "You have to share that." Huh? OK, so I am pretty sure at this point it's not deodorant or a toothbrush (gross, right?). I open it, and it's a new paperback book. It looked like a good one, and one I had heard of. Now, I did NOT know how the story ended. My mom proceeds to say, "It's supposed to be a really good book but kind of sad since she dies at the end." WHAT???????????? OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!!!!!!! I said, "I didn't know that!" Then my daughter, sitting on the sofa playing a new Nintendo DS game (thus, totally zombified), says, "What? She dies?" Then my son chimes in, "Who dies?" So before you know it, the ending is ruined for three of us. My mom says, "I thought everyone knew that!" Oh, brother..... is nothing sacred? Aren't revelations of book endings one of those things you never get anywhere near unless you are absolutely sure the person knows? Heck, I spent the better part of a month with cotton in my ears, avoiding the Internet and the TV news so the ending of the most-recent Harry Potter book would not be revealed. Unlike some of my friends, I did not have the luxury of a billion uninterrupted hours to dedicate strictly to reading (forsaking all toilet, food and family demands) the thousand-page masterpiece. It took me a month to finish. At least now (with the unnamed book... I don't want to spoil it for y'all) there is no suspense. In fact if I feel gutsy, I might even DARE someone to spoil the ending! There I go again, living dangerously! 

I'm off to get things ready for the meet tomorrow. Enjoy your gifts, and  check the expiration date on that eggnog!



Louise, that's me!! said...

I hope you end up enjoying the book anyway.
Hope you had a fab Christmas and all the very best for 2009

Jan said...

I love Christmas! I look forward to it all year, but this Christmas has been non stop for us too. I was 2 weeks behind putting my tree up this year and then took it down as soon as the holiday was over. As of right now my house shows no signs of Christmas - all the decorations have been packed up and stored away in the attic until next year, gift boxes and paper have been hauled off, leftovers are long gone and so is all the desserts I carted home from my Mom's Christmas eve night. Yep, I love Christmas but this year I'm glad the holiday is over and life can get back to some sort of normalcy - whatever that is! lol.

Hope you and your family had a memorable Christmas!