Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sore From Head to Toe

Whew. The painting is almost done. Can you believe it?? I think I am going to fall short on paint, and I already ran out of the brown tape to tape things off, so that trip to Home Depot is unavoidable. I like the way it looks so far. Our house is very light (carpets, trim and walls), so the darker, fun shade of blue really sets the light accents off. It's got me thinking about the rest of the house and going darker on some of the walls. 

The down side? I am sore from head to toe!!! Since I worked so hard in the yard yesterday morning, and then walked all day shopping Friday, I really pushed myself too hard. Who knew all that was such a workout? Maybe I should charge people to come over and help me with all of this. I could make it like it's a workout plan or something, right? Paint this wall, use those muscles. Sounds like a win-win for everyone! (ESPECIALLY ME)

There were a few casualties.... I lost my cell phone somewhere in the room, or I think it's in there. I had it late last night, and since it's on silent, I can't call it and find it. UGH. Not sure what I'll do about that, but not one stitch of garbage can go out until I find it. The other casualty was the carpet. I got more than one spot of blue on it, despite my best efforts. I got most if it up, but I've got to be careful with the little piece I have left to do. New carpet might be in the future!!!! At least I know I can pay someone to do that. I've always been honest with myself about my limitations. I'll leave the carpet laying to the experts!!

Now that last piece of wall is calling my name! I am torn between getting it done and taking a break. We'll see. First I need to organize my Girl Scout cookie sale list, gather my gift receipts and get some laundry started. Oh, and maybe even start my Christmas cards, huh? 

Anyway, I'll post a pic of the work in progress when I find my phone. The pic is on there!

Happy Sunday!


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Jan said...

Girl, I'm pooped just reading about your weekend. I would be laying in the floor begging someone to pick me up and carry me to bed. LOL.

Hope you find your cell phone.