Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can't Help But Laugh


There are a handful of things in life that make me laugh, even though they probably shouldn't. One that has always been a problem for me is when little kids say a bad word. It's very wrong to laugh, I know that, but there are few things I find funnier. Don't get me wrong.... I know kids can't go around swearing (teachers really hate it, can you believe that?) like sailors, but it's usually so random and unexpected that it catches me off guard and tickles my funny bone. It's especially funny when they use it in the RIGHT way... you just know they've seen that somewhere, even if mom or dad assure you that a choice word has never passed through their lips (likely blaming it on television or grandma!).

When my son was a toddler, he had a hard time saying the word "fork." I'm sure you can read between the lines as to what it sounded like when he said it. It was just the funniest thing, but there I stood.... do I laugh and encourage it or do I break out in a hard and fast lesson in how to annunciate? The problem came when we were out in public. He had a habit of screaming for what he wanted (I promise you that he has outgrown this issue!). Oh the stares after a chorus of "Fork! Fork! Fork!" What was a laugh riot at home became an all-consuming embarrassmant in the company of strangers. You know I was getting him that fork FAST... even if it meant taking it out of the hand of the person at the next table!! Can't afford to get black-listed from my favorite eateries now, can I?

Guess you can't help when you laugh, can you? It's just a lot easier when it's not YOUR kid uttering the offensive syllables. And no, I rarely swear. In fact, the other day when I was bringing my daughter and her friend home, driving on the interstate, the car directly in front of us had a tire blow out at 65 miles per hour. I screamed, "Holy Bleep!!!!!" I actually said BLEEP. They thought that was about the funniest thing. Guess you don't need the choice words to get a laugh after all (but it's still hilarious!).....

Time to go... have a great (FILL IN THE BLANK) night!



Jan said...

Yeah, I know we're not suppose to laugh but sometimes kids say the darnest things!

Last week I was in my local Walmart and I was standing at the cash register checking out when I noticed my debit card was missing from my wallet and the first words out of my mouth was "OH CRAP" and the lady at the register asked me what I said, and I told her it's a wonder I didn't use the other word. LOL. Thankfully, I had put my debit card in a different compartment in my wallet- had I lost it, there's no telling what I might have said. LOL.

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

Swearing is my big down fall. I try not to in front of my boys, but sometimes they slip. Luckily, my eldest scolds me and doesn't repeat what I say. One of my 2 year old twins repeats EVERYTHING you say, so I have been REALLY trying to watch my language! I like HOLY BLEEP. Definitely will start using that one! :)