Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The New Guard

Today is the day a new U.S. leader has officially taken the wheel. Looks like it's gone well. Hopefully it can stay that way! I can't help but get a little silly watching some of this, like picturing me being sworn in and my kids texting on their cell phones and/or listening to their iPods the entire time (I checked the Obama girls carefully.... no electronic devices detected... GOOD GIRLS!).

It was kind of funny that President Obama stumbled over his lines when being sworn in. I can relate. In 6th grade, I had ONE line in the school Christmas Program .... "I am the Spirit of Christmas, here I am." I think it came out something like, "Show me some Christmas spirit, and pass the ham." All I know is that I blew it. Can you imagine if the whole world was watching ... not just a handful of parents? I've long known I am a "behind the scenes" kind of girl.

Now it's off to parades and balls. The Obamas are expected to make appearances at TEN inaugural balls. Is that even possible? Personally, I'd be having a big ol' house party at the White House. What more can a guy ask for... it's got a bowling alley, swimming pool and putting green... and best of all TWENTY-FOUR HOUR CHEF SERVICE! Next time I am running for that perk alone. Someone to cook for you, drive you around and clean your house all for FREE. Wait... wait just a minute.... my kids get those perks! I don't remember them winning any election! Darn. Duped again.

Better start preparing my campaign now. Best wishes Mr. Obama!



Louise Forsyth said...

Totally!!!! A party at home would be just the thing.

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

I was blown away that they were going to 10 balls! By the end of the night, poor Barack's eyes were slits! He has got to be whipped! And he couldn't even sleep in today! Off for more party's and speeches ALL day! I think they should let the new president and first lady have an entire day by themselves in the White House without interruption the day after the inauguration! ;)