Friday, January 2, 2009

Winners and losers

The other day I was in a discussion about luck and winning, and it got me to thinking about the time I won $500 from a radio station. I was on my way to work, and one of the local stations was doing a contest where they play a song, and tell you it's the song of the day. If you are the "such and such" caller later in the day when they play the song again, you win $500 when you identify the song. Seeing that I am one of those people that is constantly changing stations (so my chance of actually knowing the song of the day is slim to none), it wasn't a contest that ever interested me much. One day, the stars aligned (the truth probably was that I had a 44 oz. Big Gulp in my dial-flipping hand and got stuck on that station), and I actually heard the song. I got to work, and told my coworkers in the community college PR office that we HAD to listen to this lousy FM station so I could hear the song. My friend Kim sat by the radio, so I told her what the song was, and if she heard it, to let me know, and I'd split it with her (don't ever do that.... just offer to buy lunch... believe me, it's gonna be less than $250). Sure enough, I was off in la la land (computer solitaire can be SO addicting!!) when the song came on. Kim alerted me, and I dialed. You could've knocked me over with a Post-It note when I got through as the collect caller and won the money. I was kind of hoping Kim would forget, but darn her good memory! I kept my word, and told her when the check got here, I would cash it and split it with her. 

But wait... there's more!!!!! About an hour later, I get called into my boss's office. Not a huge deal. He was a cool guy (after all, he hired me!) so I wasn't worried. I get over there, and he asks me to shut the door. OK, then I was worried!! He says that he heard from one of the secretaries that I was on the radio and that I won $500. Naturally, I am ready to accept his congratulations on my newfound wealth (back then, $500 could get you a lot more, remember). WRONG!!!!! He says that since I won it on work time, that he COULD ask me to donate it back to the college's Foundation. WHAT? Good one, boss. Right. Oh, he was NOT joking. I'm thinking... YOU'VE SEEN MY PAYCHECK, come on! Then, as if he was doing me a huge favor, he said THIS TIME he would not ask me to do that, but to note that I should be careful next time. Ah, yes... the next time I win $500 from a radio station. Umm hmmm! I would have a better chance of hitching a ride on the next Shuttle mission than winning that jackpot twice. I assured him that yes, indeed, if he was kind enough to overlook my error in judgment, I would promise not to win money on work time. It did make me wonder how the office football pool factored into that scenario, but I kept my mouth shut (plus, I was already down to $250... I needed to cut my losses). 

What's the lesson here? Disguise your voice and give a fake name (wasn't that obvious????). Enjoy your weekend..... talk to y'all soon!



Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

What a crock! I would have told that guy to jump off a bridge before I handed him over my winnings! How crazy is that!? You were very nice to share it with your co-worker, though! :)

Jan said...

Your boss is a JERK! You're a better person than I am because I would have brought up the football pool!

Louise Forsyth said...

What an idiot!!!! I can't believe anyone would say that!
I don't think I could have held my tounge re the football pool.