Saturday, January 24, 2009

Passing the Crown

What a country!! Only in America could we elect a new president and crown a new Miss America in the same week. Go Miss Indiana (Midwest ... REPRESENT homegirl!)! Through the years it's been fun to watch the pageant morph from a big event on network television to something they squeeze in on a cable channel (I knew one day society would come around and get bored with all that beauty). Note... I did NOT say talent. Most of them did an average interpretation of a Broadway showtune (and really, who can't pass up a good Broadway showtune cover?) or some type of "interpretive" dance. I was particularly taken by the contemporary ballet and jazz interpretation. Basically, it gives you a free pass to not stick to any traditional rules and kind of throw yourself all over the stage. That's my kind of talent!

But as scary as the talent concept is to me, you know where the true horror emerges... THE BATHING SUIT COMPETITION! Gasp! All of the finalists looked great (don't get me started on wearing high heels with a bathing suit.... then again, you just know those suits aren't seaworthy.... get them wet and they probably instantly dissolve). The one girl said her suit "looked like lighthing and that's why she liked it." Yes, there is not a more soothing concept to me than poolside lightning (thankfully, she did not win).

And once again, of course I am just jealous (DUH!!!). Most of my posts here are motivated out of jealousy or hunger, but I'm OK with that. Those are two very intense forces --why fight such a high power over which I have little (OK, zero) control? Life is way to short to be kind to the pretty and the skinny.

OK. I'm off to drown a donut in some hot chocolate. Wish me luck!


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