Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Genius of Fudge

As I come down off my weeklong Marshmallow Fluff fudge binge (I eat fudge like most people eat popcorn), I have a much clearer head to ponder the greatness of that recipe. Can you imagine the moment that someone stood in her (you KNOW that concoction could only come from a woman's mind!) kitchen and said, "Hmmm. I've got a bag of chocolate chips here, and a jar of Fluff. Let's throw it in the pan and see what happens!" Viola ... fudge! Oh, sweet rapture!!!!! I hope that person is living the sweet life (pun INTENDED!) off of all that Fluff fudge money because genius like that deserves to be rewarded in grand fashion. Heck, if the person that invented the pet rock can make seven figures, Fluff fudge ought to be worth Oprah money .... at least!

Then again, if you ask me, Fluff in and of itself is worth its own aisle in the supermarket. Don't even get me started on the Fluffernutter sandwich--YUM (and I am offended that my computer spell check does not recognize the word Fluffernutter) ..... or the only other food item that can add to the sheer perfection, floating dreamily atop my mug of hot chocolate (first came the marshmallow, then came the Fluff). But let me tell you, I was SO offended when they started putting FLAVORS in it. Yuck. Strawberry Fluff? It makes me gag just a little to even think of it. Why mess with perfection? Would you give Brad Pitt a makeover? Would you add a new verse to "White Christmas"? Of course not (and if you answered yes to either of those, you're just being a wise guy so cut it out!). 

Sad to say, it's only a Christmas treat for me, so soon, Fluff fudge will be just another holiday memory (but one my thighs won't soon forget). 

Wake me when it's Christmas 09!




Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

LOL! I have been known to eat a whole jar of the stuff with a spoon! Sad...I know. I am very interested in that fluffernutter! Never heard of that! Can't be bad, I'll bet! :)

Stampin' the Good Life said...

Mmmmmmmmm.......... FUDGE!!!

Yes, that marshmallow fluff is fantastic stuff! We put it in our fruit salad (I guess it's more of an ambrosia)... YUM!!

Anonymous said...

I love fluff fudge! I made a batch this year as well (double batch actually) and ate probably 1/2 of it on my own!