Friday, January 9, 2009

So THAT'S the Problem!

I'm making an honest attempt to lose weight, but as I struggle through each day, I keep wondering why I find a temptation in just about everything... EVERYWHERE! It's awful. BUT, the good news is that I think I've finally found the root of the problem! My SHOWER!!!!! I know, I know..... I should not blame defenseless bathroom fixtures (but that would mean taking the blame square on MY shoulders.... I'm no fool!!!), but it's true!

Let me explain. Every morning I get in a shower full of hidden diet dangers (don't roll your eyes, I'm just being honest!) — my three bottles of bath wash! Their names will make it clear. I have (very large) bottles of Cinnamon Bun, Frango Mint and Candy Cane. How can I get my day off to a skinny start when I'm lathering in that? Plus, one of these days I might just gnaw off my arm (BAD idea for a writer!).

I've come up with an idea. I need to trade in the sweet suds for something Jenny Craig would approve of.  What do you think about bath washes like cottage cheese, celery and fat free cheddar? I see it as a win-win. I get to start my day off temptation free (nothing kills my morning appetite like health food), and, since no one will want to be within 8 feet of me, lots of alone time! Yes! See... it's a WIN-WIN (and yes, I work from home.... and you know with all the things dogs put in their mouths, Lizzie will still find me strangely attractive!). 

Time to start working on my formulas.... when I open my online storefront, you'll all get a discount (not that you'll want one.... ) HAPPY WEEKEND!



stampin abi said...

You are so funny! love reading your blog!

Stampin' the Good Life said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Cottage cheese body wash!! I was rolling, just thinking about it!

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

You crack me up! I have something for you on my blog! :)

Kelly said...

That is why I stick to the florals instead of the food scents. Sweet Pea, Cherry Blossom and Honey Suckle are the three scents that I currently use (not at the same time of course)