Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Doggie Doctor

Here's my question of the day ... if you don't pay your veterinarian bills, do they repossess your dog? Think about it. If you don't pay your mortgage, they take your house. If you don't pay your car loan, your car gets hauled away. I got to thinking about that the other day. Lizzie, my  5-year-old shih-tzu would sure hate that. She's always happy to go for a ride, but when we turn into the vet's parking lot she gets nervous. When we get to the front door of the office, she slams on all four of her furry brakes -- not going in. The trouble with weighing 18 pounds is that when you do throw your weight around, it doesn't amount to much. Chalk one up for me! If she had to live there, she'd be more than miserable! Fortunately for her, we don't have a bill.

I am in the market for a new groomer. My amazing groomer, Kathy, has been beautifying Lizzie for more than 4 years now, but she has feel severely ill and may not be able to work again. I tell Lizzie not to think about it so much as grooming, but a day at the spa... she gets her nails done, gets her hair washed and a nice perfumy spray. Sounds like a spa to me! Her issue with it is the cage part. Lizzie feels that being caged is for animals, and that would not apply to her. Anyway, we are seeking out a new groomer, and it's not been easy. I knew we had a real treasure with Kathy. I constantly told her how good she was at what she did and how much Lizzie liked her. We had two failed attempts with other groomers before we found her. I might check into the mobile pet grooming to take the edge off for her. We'll see. 

It should probably be noted that we have two other pets, too. JoJo is a hamster, and we've had him about 3 months. He's super cute. We also have Sky, a parakeet. We're not sure of the gender of either of those two, we just guess and give them neutral names so as not to confuse them and affect their self-image. Funny as it sounds, all three of them actually get along.
I will say one thing NO MORE PETS.... unless a pug happens to wander into my life.... :)



Jan said...

With 3 dogs at 50 bucks a pop I had to learn how to groom mine myself. Now, I wouldn't enter them in a kennel show but I figure a savings of a $150 every 3 or 4 months I could learn to live with the results. LOL.

Patti said...

Our cocker spaniel Amber hated the groomer so badly she would get diarrhea and we would have to go pick her up before she was done. We tried several groomers, all with the same results. So now we groom her ourselves. She looks funny, but she is a whole lot happier. And it is definitely cheaper.

I guess we can all go buy some more stamps with the money we're saving.