Friday, November 28, 2008

I Shopped, I Dropped

Even though I didn't plan to do any shopping, I ended up getting a bulk of it done! My daughter had her make-up gymnastics class from 9:30-12:30 this morning. I figured since I was up and dressed (a true rare event for a day off) I might as well make the most of it. I got to the mall and took a space in the nosebleed section of the parking lot and made my way in. A half hour later (SLIGHT exaggeration, but not by much) I got into Macy's. Being that this was an unplanned trip and all, I wasn't even sure where to go or what I wanted to do. My daughter had "clothes from PacSun" on her list so I started there. I left with a pretty big bag of clothes -- everything was 30 percent off. If you are not familiar with  PacSun, it tends to carry the skateboarder look which is a new thing for her. Not to get off track, but my son was trying to freak me out by saying that's a bad sign... next thing she'll be piercing her nose and doing weird things with her hair. That's a worry for another day. I'll be sure to tell her how much piercings hurt (I will SEVERELY overdramatacize this fact just to be on the safe side).  

Next I went to Macy's. I ran into a severe dilemma. One item on my shopping list was Paris Hilton's Can Can perfume. Ugh. I am not a big Paris Hilton fan, so to shove even more bucks into her empire was a very difficult thing for me. But I can be bought, and that clever perfume girl whispered the right word into my ear... FREE..... come on, who can resist FREE? I bought a $55 set (which include FOUR items, can you say DEAL????). With that I got THREE free things..... a big tube of Guess body lotion, a really cool black Guess tote and a super cool Paris tote bag. Seriously, I almost felt guilty taking all those freebies! Note, I said almost. But this is where my shopping experience hit a rough patch. They forgot to take a sensor off one of the things so every time I went into one of the stores with security systems at the front, I set it off. And EVERYONE stared. It was really embarrassing. But little did I know while Steve and Barry's and Aeropostale had no security alarm, Victoria's Secret had an entire SWAT team. I am not lying. When I WALKED IN three gals came flying from the back of the store. Since I wasn't paying $70 for a Pink (brand) hoodie (are they serious? Please, stick to bras -- y'all have no idea how to price sportswear!) I made a quick exit.

Last stop, Game Stop. This is where my day picked up. I got carded when buying a "mature" XBOX 360 game. Do I look like the Call of Duty type? Don't answer that. I would guess they card everyone, but in my head the 17-year-old clerk thought I looked 20. Then again, that would only make him off by 9 years.... LOL (BIG LOL ... HUGE LOL).  It was one way to wrap up Holiday Shopfest 2008.

So it was a successful day. I've got a bit more to do, but tonight will by my night to relax. Enjoy that leftover turkey!!! 



Louise, that's me!! said...

I am stoked you had such a successful day. Sounds like you have your Christmas shopping nearly all wrapped up(excuse the pun).

Patti said...

I am very, very impressed with your achievements. I managed to wait in o ne lone (at the local scrapbook store) and stood in the check-out line for 20 minutes to buy a bunch of stuff for ME. Wait, that's the way I like it! LOL

Jan said...

You are such a brave woman to go out a shop on Black Friday! Maybe you are the Call of Duty type after all. LOL. As for me, a.k.a Chicken Little, I stayed at home and watched the madness on the news last night.