Sunday, November 23, 2008

Paint Fun

About three months ago I put the wheels in motion to repaint my daughter's bedroom. It all started on a lazy August day. She had recently bought (with her own money and gift cards) a new comforter set that she really wanted. Somehow (and I'm still not sure how I got talked into this... a very weak moment, to say the least) we decided that it would be SO COOL to paint the room to coordinate with the comforter. Dumb. We went to Home Depot, comforter in hand, because, as you know, they can match ANYTHING. We got the brushes, the rollers, the paint, you name it. I began the process of removing the border, and that's where the problem started (or should I say where my mojo took a 747 for the Caribbean and never came back). I thought when we put the border up a few years ago I was careful to affix it in such a way that it would be easy to remove. I knew the unicorns would be a fleeting passion for Ms. Thang, and sure enough, I was right. No big deal, I thought. I found a seam and started to pull it off the wall. I ended up with a piece of border in my hand about the size of a (small) postage stamp. I knew I was in for trouble. Countless hours (and many sentence enhancers) later, and with every border removal concoction the Internet had to offer, it was off (and so were chunks of the wall). In the time I figured to have the entire job done, I only had the border removed. So started my three-month-long pout. I need to spackle, sand and Kilz some of the spots. To encourage that, I set a can of Kilz on her dresser. It sat there for about a month until Saturday morning when I cracked it open and started going over the rough spots. Again, I totally underestimated the smell, which Brooke so lovingly reminded me smelled like Lizzie's puke. What??? She was right, darn it all.  I told her that beauty and style come at a great price, and suffer she must for her new digs. Today I will venture into the Home Depot bag and see what we bought three months ago. I have no idea. If there is tape, I will tape off the trim and see about getting something done. She's been incredibly patient. At the current rate, it should be done by the time she leaves for college (and remember, she's 11). It should be pretty cool, I will have to admit, if it turns out how we're picturing, and I'll post a shot when we do get to that glorious day, assuming the Internet has not been replaced by an even newer form of communication (which I am fairly sure is going to happen). 

Let's hope this doesn't turn out like the time I painted the ceiling in the old house. I got a drop of white paint in my eye. I was sure I was going to go blind so I called poison control. After they got done laughing, they told me I was going to be fine (but that everything I'd see out of my right eye would be white). Just kidding of course, but how was I supposed to know? 

Again, live and learn. I'm off to get started. If you get bored, stop by with a brush, I'll provide the pizza!! :)



Jan said...

LOL. Oh I soo do not envy you! I hate it when I start a small project that is suppose to be fun and run into a snag. Have fun and hope you finish it before your daughter leaves for college. LOL.

Patrina said...

LOL! Your life sooooo sounds like mine.My bedroom is two different colors as we speak .And they aren't custom matching colors, I just haven't had time to finish. ANyways .I hop eit all goes well./ Thanks you for sharing.

Dragana Skoro said...

Cindy, you made me laugh so hard... Now off I go to clean some coffee off of my computer. I just finished my own reno hell, I feel for you. :-)