Monday, November 10, 2008

I love Big Bird

It's funny how you can forget your own middle name, but hold on to the most obscure memory of your childhood, isn't it? I was telling my daughter about my Big Bird clock. When I was young, I would wake up each school day to its cheery greeting, "Wake up, it's me, Big Bird, and it's time to get up. Open your little  eyes now. Come on, now. One foot out of bed, now the other one. OK. Have a nice day and don't forget to wind the cl0ck!" Of course, Big Bird made the winding very easy. In his outstretched rubber arms he held a large plastic key, and faithfully I followed his direction, each morning (afraid of what Sesame Street monster might come to visit if I didn't!). I loved that clock! He was just so happy at 6 a.m., and it was infectious! Finally, though, as is the case with many cheap clocks, it eventually welcomed in its last dawn, and I was left to tolerate the baby Big Ben (soooooooo boring and ugly) windup from the drug store.  My daughter asked me how old I was when I had the Big Bird clock. There was no way I could tell Miss Cool I was 12 when I had it — she already thinks I give uncool a bad name. I just told her that I didn't remember (she's used to mom forgetting... and I don't hesitate to use that to my advantage). She'd understand if she ever stumbled upon a Jonas Brothers clock. Those hunky boy toys could probably get her to do anything, including get out of bed for school. Can't she relate??? Big Bird?? Jonas Brothers? It's all the same to me! Anyway, it's fun to dig up those old childhood memories once in a while.  

Enjoy your week... and DON'T FORGET TO WIND THE CLOCK! 


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Anonymous said...

I had the same clock and can still recite his words without thinking twice ;)