Monday, November 17, 2008

Maggie and Me

Happy Monday, everyone! It was a wild and woolly weekend (wild because the kids' schedules kept me hoppin', and woolly because it was FREEZING cold!). I survived, though there were moments I wasn't so sure. My good friend Magellan Maggie (a cool GPS gal), let me down on Sunday. Yes, she got us there, but she tried to confuse us along the way. She is a new friend of mine, so naturally my level of trust is not quite there yet. She mapped out the right direction, but she called EVERY road Interstate 55. What's up, girlfriend? While I had little enough trust in Maggie, my mom had zero, or maybe negative trust in her! That, of course, severely offended me. How could you treat my new friend like that? Love me, love Maggie! :) Thankfully, Maggie got her act together for the way home, and shouted out the route like a champ!

I do have to confess (and she is powered off now, so I am in the clear to discuss this), that she makes me nervous. She tries to push our friendship to the next level, and I'm not quite sure I am ready! She insists I take routes I am not comfortable with, telling me confidently it is the "shortest time" for me. Hmmmm. Being the creature of habit that I am, I listen to her about half the time, going with my gut instincts the other half. We've bonded some, but we'll bond more in coming trips, and between gymnastics and volleyball, there will be plenty of time for us to hang out and get to know each other. 

All things grow with time, right? Be patient, Maggie! 



Jan said...

LOL. I'm terrible with directions. I have trouble reading a map and I can never seem to remember street names to save my life but ask me to find a Walmart and I have no trouble.

Tenia Nelson said...

Patience is key...I think! I totally feel ya though.