Thursday, November 20, 2008

Joust Cause

Sunday afternoon, coming home from my son's volleyball game in Crystal Lake, we drove by Medieval Times. This might sound crazy, but I LOVE that place! Have you ever been? I've only been to the one up here in the Chicago area, but one day I'd love to check out some of the others (road trip!!!). I'm not sure what it is that is so exciting to me, but I think it's the simple fact that you get a steady flow of food WHILE watching a live show. The horses, the jousting knights! Of course the show is scripted, but since you don't know the particular ending for that show, it never matters. You just hoot and holler away for the knight that represents your section. Now I will warn you, the horses poop. A lot. The first time we went, this became my daughter's obsession. I'm not sure she noticed anything else, just all the pooping and then the poor soul assigned to clean it up. This is just a guess, but I've got to believe that's a serious entry-level job! You've got to start somewhere... not every knight was born into glory..... work hard, climb that medieval ladder! 

The food is GREAT, too. It typically consists of several courses including soup, broasted chicken, potatoes, pop and dessert. And NO silverware! That seems to really throw my kids every time we go (not sure why, because in my son's world, sleeve=napkin). It's cooked perfectly and extremely tasty! Let's not forget the hot towel for post-dinner cleanup! I should have that every night at home, but that's not gonna happen because if it did, it would be me doing it, and heating towels is NOT in my job description.... 

The female servers are referred to as "serving wenches." Yes, that makes me chuckle, but no, I can't actually say it to one of their faces (I value my nose in its original condition). 

It is a little cashy, so there's no doubt MT is a special treat. We wait for a good coupon or special and find an off time to go. I'm off to check the upcoming schedule now. 

Enjoy your day... happy jousting!


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