Friday, November 14, 2008

Gas 'er Up!

I can't get over how quickly gas prices are falling. Today I saw it for the cheapest yet, $2.09. I've kind of gotten to the point where I'm almost giddy about it! Whereas before I would wait til there were about four tablespoons of gas in the tank, now I almost can't wait to stop and fill 'er up! If you listen to the news, they say it's not going to last. Party poopers! Can't we just enjoy it while it lasts? What I think we are all hoping for is that some of these prices that have gone up and up and up, will come down and down and down. You know, like GROCERIES? It's nothing short of amazing how expensive a trip to the store is. One month of groceries and you could had a trip to Disney World. Seriously, $6 for a pack of Oscar Mayer hard salami? Even with the price of jelly these days, PB and J is still a cheaper option (I think, anyway). The financial truth hurts, so I try to wipe out any memory I have of food prices when they were actually still affordable. If food prices are tied to gas prices, why is food so stinkin' expensive still? The best trick is when they shrink a package or product size but leave the price the same. If you had Halloween candy, maybe you noticed how small the fun-size candy bars were. The Three Musketeers were about the size of my PINKY. Those should be totally off limits from economic woes. Is nothing sacred? Fewer candies in the bag, smaller candies in that bag. **shaking head** Just don't mess with my Christmas cookies... I'll take THAT all the way to the Supreme Court!

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Jan said...

It's a crying shame that a gallon of store brand milk is $4. And a block of cheese is $5. I tell ya, I don't know how people making minimum wage make ends meet. I'm sitting here with no house payment and no car payment and I still gasp for air at the price of a pack of bologna. LOL.