Saturday, November 29, 2008

Progress or Procrastination?

Hmmm. I can't decide if today was more progress or procrastination. Left to myself alone (OH HAPPY DAY!!) at the house I was faced with a million choices ranging from taking a nap to shampooing carpets to painting Brooke's room. While all appealing in their own way (especially the first one!) I decided the mild weather (and impending snow tomorrow night) was a sign, and that sign was for me to haul my fanny outside and do work out there. I went to the gas station, got gas for $1.61 and a 44 oz. Diet Coke. I absolutely cannot do anything productive without a bucket of Diet Coke at my side. So refreshing! Anyway, I scooped up some leaves, trimmed all the old gunk off the plants, planted a few bulbs and brought the shovels from the shed to the garage. The last one was the hardest of all. It's me actually admitting summer is over. It truly does take this long for me to do that. Generations of my family have been born and raised in northern Illinois and are content with winter weather. I am not one of them. Give me the beach, a beach chair, a cool drink, sunglasses, SPF 40 million and my iPod ANY DAY. Yes, I am still waiting for the news that I was adopted and my birth parents live in a $10 million beachfront estate in some warm and sunny place (preferably Hilton Head Island, S.C., but I'm not fussy). Until that day, I grudgingly prepare for winter. But back to the procrastination part of this entry, I am afraid my outdoor adventures were just procrastinating the inevitable.... painting. If my body recovers, I will take a crack at it tonight. I am afraid I don't have enough paint, but we'll see. While I could spend half a day in Archiver's, Hobby Lobby or Joann's, I break out in an immediate rash when I step one foot into Home Depot. I think it's all the reminders of all the work I still have to do around this house and how good this place really could look with a little effort on my part. Do you think they'll ever add a papercrafting section? How cool would that be?

Anyway, I'm off. I pray that I find a Saturday night distraction to procrastinate one more day. I promise I'll paint tomorrow! :)



Sherberts said...

Must be out here near you it was nice (48 degrees) today, and calling for snow tomorrow. I mowed today!! We have one tree that just dropped leaves, and I mowed in continually tightening circles to chop the leaves!!
(found your blog on SCS)

Louise, that's me!! said...

Hmmmm carpet shampooing, reminds me to write a to do list